News: Anna & Elizabeth new album on Smithsonian Folkways March 31, and new music video!


Dear Friends!

After 2 years of research and studio work, Anna and Elizabeth are thrilled to be releasing the new album The Invisible Comes to Us on Smithsonian Folkways records.

This label has been putting out traditional (and experimental) music for 70 years, from frog sounds to Laurie Anderson to Jean Ritchie to Margaret MacArthur, and we are over the moon to be part of it now.

It’s coming out March 31, and we are doing a release tour in the month of April (dates released soon).

Above, the first single and video, the song “Mother in the Graveyard” which was collected in Anna’s home state of Vermont.  Below, an interview we did at NPR, talking about our process and going a little deeper on one of the other songs on the album.


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