Elizabeth LaPrelle is exceptional in her devotion to and mastery of the ancient and deep-art of Appalachian unaccompanied singing. She keeps the old mountain ballads and songs with a sense of conviction, honor, honesty and emotional force that evokes the great Appalachian ballad singers of generations past.  Elizabeth’s voice, stark and unaccompanied, can lift and carry the listener away to another time.

Elizabeth has sung for audiences across the country, and has taught Appalachian ballads and unaccompanied singing at music camps and workshops.  She has sought out information about songs and singers past, and enjoys passing it on to students of any age.

Quotes about Elizabeth’s Singing:

“Anyone can learn the old ballads. There are numerous collections in libraries and books that are available on-line. But, Elizabeth is interested in the feel, the sound, the ornamentation of these songs. She is, in my opinion, one of maybe a handful of young singers able to capture the rhythm, the intensity, the breaks and sighs, that make this style of singing authentic. The only problem I have while listening to Elizabeth is that I’m always listening through tears. She reminds me so much of my older relatives – the same profound feeling for the ballad, yet with such a clear voice.” –Sheila Kay Adams

“Elizabeth attends to these time-honored ballads with a level of comfort and conviction rarely found these days, let alone by someone of such a young age. There is a real kind of chilling effect of her singing…Elizabeth…is more than simply an ‘interpreter’ of this genre. One gets the feeling…that she is accessing those aspects of these songs that transcend place and historical time, and speak directly to the heart.” -John Lohman, Virginia State Folklorist

Past Performances & Teaching:
Crooked Road Tour 2007 & 2010
Augusta Heritage Center Vocal Week 2009 & 2011
Ballad Summit with Colleen Cleveland, part of the Mid-Atlantic Folk-Arts Outreach Project
and many more…

(top photo of Elizabeth Singing by Mike Melnyk)

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