Awake, Awake

Awake, awake, you drowsy sleeper.
Awake, awake, it is almost day.
How can you sleep, you cruel creature.
Since you have stolen my heart away?

Oh hush, hush, hush, don’t you wake my mother.
No songs of love will she let me hear.
If you sing songs, go, pray court some other,
Or whisper lowly in my ear.

My father lies in the next room, simple
Taking of his natural rest.
And in his right hand he holds a weapon
He says he’ll kill the one I love best.

Come Polly Bawn, come, you’ll stop my pining.
Sit you down by the side of me.
And put your loving arms around me,
And say you’ll love no one but me.

I’ll go with you in some lonesome valley,
And there I’ll spend my days with you..
Though all my meals will be of the freshest berries,
And the water I drink of the morning dew

Pretty flowers was made to bloom, love.
Pretty stars was made to shine.
Pretty girls was made for boys to love,
And maybe you was made for mine.

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