Here are some projects that I have played a small role in, whether in the form of contributed tracks, backing vocals, or “cultural expertise”.  Some of these are works in progress–or my contribution hasn’t happened yet.  Please explore!

  • Cedar Hill Refugees Uzbek-Appalachian fusion music
    The album out now, “Pale Imperfect Diamond”, features greats from the mountain-music world (like Ralph Stanley) with Uzbek band Jadoo.  I’ve recorded for the (in-progress) second album.
  • Singing Through The Hard Times: A Tribute to Utah Phillips http://www.righteousbabe.com/collections/music/products/singing-through-the-hard-times#.ULod1o51PzI
    I learned the sad “Jesse’s Corrido” for this album.
  • The New Young Fogies CD
    I contributed a crunchy old Virginia ballad here–there is GREAT variety of really good old-time music on this almost-released CD!
  • Building Home (part of the Livability Initiative)
    Building Home is a part of the Virginia Tech Theater Department, using theater and music techniques to facilitate discussion & shared points of view in communities in the New River Valley.
  • Why Old Time? Documentary
  • Ironing

    Some years ago, a cassette tape enthusiast taped my mother and me singing “My Dearest Dear” on the Prairie Home Companion radio show.  Then he practiced his art on it.
  • Betsy Rutherford audio documentary by Jim Barnes http://www.facebook.com/BetsyRutherfordMusic
    I loved listening to Betsy Rutherford’s (of Galax, VA) singing as a teenager.  Jim tirelessly keeps up the late Betsy Rutherford’s facebook page–he has become a scholar of her life and work, and created an audio documentary about her music.  I think the facebook is the best way to keep up to date on the developments of the documentary.
  • Sam Gleaves’s debut album, “Shadow of a Song”
  • Season’s Greetings from a Small Town in Virginia
  • Blair Pathways

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