Locks and Bolts

Come here to me, and tell me your name
I’m talking about my darling
She’s the little one I love so well
She’s almost the complete one

Her yellow hair’s like glittering gold
Come a-jingling down her pillow
She’s the little one I love so well
She’s like a weeping willow

You caused your parents to hold me a grudge
And to treat me most unkindly
Because you’re of some high degree
And me so poor and needy

I went unto her uncle’s house
Enquiring for my darling
But all they would say, There’s no such here
And then oh, what weeping

But when she heard my lonely voice
She answered at the window
Saying, I would be with you soon, my love
But the locks and bolts do hinder

I stood for a moment all in amaze
I viewed her long and tenderly
My spirit flew, my sword I drew
I swore that house I’d enter

The blood was shed on every side
Till I got her from among them
And all you young men who get such wives
Just fight till you overcome them.

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